Ambulance Services

It is very important to choose carefully when seeking assistance with transporting individuals with care needs.

If you call 911, you will probably be taken to a hospital and treated by a physician. Ambulances responding to 911 calls and many other ambulance services use their judgment in deciding where a patient should be taken depending on departmental policy, proximity to the closest medical facility, and/or their assessment of the patient’s condition and needs. If the patient is unconscious or having trouble breathing, they are required by law to take the patient to a hospital unless they are presented with a signed Advance Health Care Directive stating that patient does not want medical care and wants to go only to a Christian Science nursing facility.

It is important when arranging ambulance services to state clearly that you are requesting “transportation only.” That will both reduce the likelihood of their insisting on providing medical care enroute and reduce the cost. Some medical transport services will reduce the charge by half if the patient is able to sit up.

Ambulance services charge at least $1,000 to transport patients to a care facility. Non-medical transportation services may charge less if they are informed early that the patient is being transported to a Christian Science facility. Costs and accepted methods of payment should be ascertained at the outset. Ambulance services to a Christian Science nursing facility are not covered by Medicare.

The following ambulance services have been used by patients served by the facilities cited and have honored requests to take patients to a Christian Science nursing facility. They are listed in alphabetic order; the order does not suggest recommendations or quality or service. You may want to request the latest information from the care facility you plan to enter before calling a service. When making arrangements, try to get their assurance they will take the patient to a Christian Science nursing facility.

In the Bay Area, the following services have been used by patients entering Arden Wood.


King-American Ambulance

2570 Bush Street

San Francisco, CA 94115


Non-Emergency Service, Transportation Service


St Joseph’s Ambulance

San Francisco, CA 94115

(415) 921-0707

Serving San Francisco, Marin and San Mateo Counties


Medester, LLC

Non-emergency Medical Transport Service

1013 Pardee Street, Suite 211

Berkeley, CA   94710-2646

Phone: (510) 666-8666

Girma Tadesse, Owner

(510) 672-2069

In the East Bay area, the following ambulance services have been used by patients entering Fern Lodge.


Arcadia Ambulance

2301 Camino Ramon, Suite 150

San Ramon CA 94583

Phone: (925) 833-7777

Fax: (925) 355-1351



Alliance Medical Transport

1122 B St Suite 307

Hayward, Ca 94541

(800) 228-3577

(510) 600-3919



East Bay Paratransit

1720 Broadway

Oakland, CA 94612

(510) 287-5000

In the Greater Los Angeles area, the following services have been used by patients entering Broadview.


Guardian Ambulance Service (Pasadena only)


1854 East Corson, Suite 1

Pasadena, CA 91107


Hall’s Non-Emergency Transportation Service

626-398-6854   (Monday thru Friday 7am –7pm)

1260 Lincoln Avenue, Suite 500

Pasadena, CA 91103-2413


Medcoast Ambulance Service


3951 Medford St

Los Angeles, CA 90063


Schaefer Ambulance Service (24 hour)



4627 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90004

In the Sacramento area, the following ambulance services are available.


Medic Ambulance


2349 Lexington St., Sacramento, CA 95815


Med Star Transportation



20 Business Park Way, #100

Sacramento, CA 95828

In the San Diego area, Sunland has a contract for lower fees with a specific ambulance service that recognizes the beliefs and preferences of Christian Scientist. However, to avail themselves of the reduced costs, patients must initiate the request through Sunland.