Financial Assistance from Organizations

Those relying on Christian Science for healing should not be deprived of nursing care for financial reasons. There are several sources of financial assistance for those who need Christian Science nursing care but cannot afford it. Following is summary information on three sources. Additional information and application forms can be obtained by contacting the organizations directly. In addition, patients entering a Christian Science nursing facility should ask about financial assistance and benevolence programs available through their facility.

National Fund for Christian Science Nursing

administered by The Principle Foundation

816-759-5450 or 800-873-2843

9300 W 110th St, Suite 250
Overland Park, KS 66210-1425

Financial assistance for expenses related to Christian Science nursing are offered by the National Fund for Christian Science Nursing.  These requests require the completion of an online application, the submission of certain documents, and a phone interview.  The National Fund may consider requests related to Christian Science nursing fees, related Christian Science practitioner fees, nursing supplies and equipment, and transportation to or from a Christian Science nursing facility. To initiate a request, please go to the website at

The Christian Science Nursing Care Endowment 714-687-5313

P.O. Box 5621

Pasadena, CA 91117



This fund provides financial assistance to Southern Californians (from the San Luis Obispo area to the Mexican border) who have established financial need through an application process. They must be receiving care from a Journal-listed Christian Science nurse at home or in a facility, and must be working with a Journal-listed Christian Science practitioner. The Endowment board feels that the primary responsibility for meeting nursing costs rests with the patient / family / custodian who are encouraged to explore all possible means for support from such sources as their branch church, Christian Science student association, insurance, deferred payment, and assignment of assets. Currently, the Endowment helps meet nursing care costs only, and does not fund associated expenses such as food and lodging, practitioner fees, assisted living, or rest and study. Please go to the website for further information and how to obtain an application.

The Dominion Foundation 804-223-2480

P.O. Box 17855

Richmond, Virginia 23226

The Dominion Foundation, based in Richmond, Virginia, is a benevolent funding organization established to support Christian Science nursing care in the home.  Individuals relying solely on Christian Science for healing and who have engaged a Christian Science nurse for temporary care in their home may apply for financial assistance in meeting the costs of that care.  The Dominion Foundation is not able to provide assistance with practitioner fees or facility nursing care.  After insurance benefits have been fully utilized, The Dominion Foundation may be able to assist with some portion of the remaining costs, including insurance deductibles. Support is provided through two avenues.  Contact the Foundation if you would like to receive an application for assistance, request additional information, or be included on the Foundation mailing list.  Individuals may apply online at the website.

  • Benevolence to patients. Expenses incurred by engaging a Christian Science nurse for care in the home on a temporary basis may qualify for Foundation funding. It is Christian Science home care, not practitioner fees or facility Christian Science nursing costs, which can be applied for.
  • Financial assistance for nurses. Individuals interested in becoming Christian Science nurses but who cannot fully meet costs associated with nurse’s training and related travel may apply for scholarship funding. The Foundation also provides financial assistance to Christian Science nurses pursuing independent home care ministries for on-going training, nursing supplies, and equipment.

Contact the Foundation if you would like to receive an application for assistance, request additional information, or be included on the Foundation mailing list.

The Principle Foundation 800-826-7756   816-561-5955

9300 W 110th St, Suite 250
Overland Park, KS 66210-1425

The Principle Foundation offers financial assistance to individuals who have chosen to rely fully on Christian Science for healing.  Assistance is given in the form of grants, not loans, and requests are usually processed within three  to five days.  The requester must be a resident of the United States.

There are several types of needs they can address: basic living expenses, payments to Christian Science practitioners, and disaster relief.  Please call the national office to initiate a request.

Clearway Foundation

Clearway is a nonprofit charitable organization that receives and distributes grants and donations to recognized Christian Science nursing care facilities and visiting nurse services, and also helps provide support to those organizations that provide training to become a Christian Science nurse. Clearway funds organizations rather than individuals and operates on a national scale.