Cost and Payment of Christian Science Nursing Care

Questions are frequently asked about the costs and means of payment for Christian Science nursing care. How much is it? Can I afford it? What help is available if I can’t pay the full amount?

The most important point to understand about costs is that those needing care should never hesitate to seek nursing care because they feel they can’t afford it. The primary focus should be on meeting the immediate need and arranging the assistance, support, and environment conducive to quick and permanent healing. The full demonstration will include the complete expression of God’s allness, including paying the bill.

Although the costs of Christian Science nursing care vary widely, several factors should be kept in mind.

  • First and foremost, Christian Science nursing facilities and Christian Science visiting nurse services are non-profit organizations dedicated to providing care for those seeking spiritual healing regardless of an individual’s ability to pay the full costs. Their highest priority is responding to the immediate need and providing appropriate care. And, there are several sources of financial assistance available to Christian Scientist to support nursing care (see section on Financial Assistance from Organizations).
  • Individuals should not hesitate to call a Christian Science facility, a visiting nurse service, or a private duty nurse, and have a frank and open discussion regarding current rates and charges, as well as their ability to pay. In addition, Christian Science facilities can provide information about insurance carriers and Medicare coverage, and are happy to answer questions. They are also more than willing to work with non-Christian Science family members and advisors to explore financial arrangements suitable to the circumstances. You can also access current information by visiting the web site or contact directly the appropriate Christian Science organizations.