Christian Science Nursing Resource

This website has been developed to promote wider awareness of the Christian Science nursing services available in the State of California, to facilitate access to them, and to foster greater understanding of related subjects such as Medicare and health insurance. It describes the services offered as well as information on how to access those services.

Christian Science Nursing Healing Ministry

Christian Science nursing is an important element of the Christian Science healing ministry. It was provided for by Article VIII, Section 31, p. 49 of the Manual of The Mother Church, written by the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy.

Christian Science nursing is an expression of Divine Love. As dedicated Christian Scientists, Christian Science nurses minister to the spiritual well-being of patients as well as their physical needs. Whether in a private home or a Christian Science nursing facility, they provide gentle, loving care in an atmosphere where there is expectation of and support for healing. Individuals who are relying on Christian Science for healing and who would like the assistance of a Christian Science nurse either at a facility or at home are encouraged to use this website to determine the Christian Science nursing that will best meet their need and how to arrange and pay for it.

Christian Science nursing is usually provided by a (1) Journal-listed Christian Science nurse, (2) Christian Science nursing facility, or (3) Visiting Christian Science nurse service.

Journal-listed Christian Science nurses are experienced Christian Scientists prepared to provide spiritual reassurance and skillful physical care to those receiving Christian Science treatment for healing. The care they provide may include helping people bathe, preparing modified foods, bed care, bandaging of wounds, and helping people who need assistance to move about. They do not administer drugs or provide any sort of physical therapy or other medical treatment. They may provide care in your home around the clock or on an hourly basis.

Christian Science nursing facilities offer a sanctuary where an individual’s desire to rely on Christian Science treatment for healing is upheld by the spiritual reassurance and practical, physical care given by Christian Science nurses.

Visiting Christian Science nurse services provide Christian Science nursing services for short home visits, usually of a few hours or less.

More detailed information on these topics may be found in the website sections on Christian Science Nursing Facilities and Home Services.


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